The Great Night of Shiva

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The Great Night of Shiva is a breathtakingly beautiful documentary that juxtaposes ancient dance mythology against NASA cosmology to tell the story of the annual, night-long celebration of the Hindu deity, Shiva the Destroyer. The world premier broadcast is on February 23, 2011, at 7 PM local Pacific Time (10 PM ET), on VisionTV.

On his ‘Great Night’, why is this Lord of the Cosmic Dance, given such love, exultation and honour? The answers lie in the stars. On that night in mid-February, according to Hindi mystics, yogis and priests, the galaxies align to form a cosmic pathway of energy. This combination of technology meeting ancient mythology gives a fresh perspective to the story of how Shiva saved heaven and earth from total annihilation.

The film, produced by Hilary Pryor and Peter Campbell, and written by Brian Paisley, details devotees at a Vancouver Temple, as they engage in Mahashivratri celebrating the myth: ‘How Lord Shiva Became Known as The One with Blue Throat’. Celebrants gather for 24 hours to seek reassurance from their most destructive god that universal good will prevail and life will be reborn.

Intimate sequences of the priest’s rituals and devotee worship are woven together by an exquisite traditional Bharata Natyam dance, choreographed by Jai Govinda, well-renowned for his expertise in this centuries-old genre. Govinda guides dancer, Kiruthika Rathanaswami, through sinuous moves and an emotional palette to conjure the story – its beauty and power further heightened by the filmmaker’s use of special effects.

This year’s Maha Shivarati celebration falls on March 3, 2011. The Great Night of Shiva is Produced by May Street Productions Ltd, with the assistance of Joytv 10 CHNU-TV, the Canada Media Fund, with the participation of the Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC and the Government of Canada – Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit Program. Produced in Association with VisionTV and Gumboot Productions.

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